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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Süsses oder Saures! That's what they say here instead of "trick or treat." Literally, sweets or sours, and sours are another word for tricks. So a pretty literal translation. Maggie rang someone's doorbell and then, while waiting for them to answer the door, farted. Trick or treat, pal!

Oh, Maggie is dressed as a pumpkin, Nina is Minnie Mouse. Maggie was going to be a pumpkin basket and I took a black computer cord to make her handle, but she didn't love the handle and ended up dropping that and just being a pumpkin.

On a more serious note (momentarily), we've been following Hurricane Sandy and its impacts on our family in New York. Nina was worried that someone we know could be hurt or killed, but we reassured her that everyone we know is OK, even though things got damaged. Well, anyway, she's reassured, and today she said, "The people in New York are all saying, 'Oh this is oy-ful.'" That's her rendition of a New York accent. It was too cute!

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