about a dream: I love the things I overhear when these kids play

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I love the things I overhear when these kids play

I was hanging out in my bedroom reading early this afternoon while the girls were in the living room playing with the chestnuts they've gathered. I heard Nina say to Maggie,
"Do you believe in the American flag?"
"Yes!" squealed Maggie. "I've seen that before! Why in my whole life would I not believe in the American flag?"
"Do you believe in yourself?"
"Yes, of course! I've looked in the mirror many times!"
"Do you believe in the Austrian flag?"
"No, I haven't seen one."
"Well, it's real."
"Well, don't care."

I was cracking up by this point and writing the conversation down, because it was just too funny to forget. Apparently the conversation started because they were drawing on the chestnuts, pretending they were decorating Easter eggs, and Nina asked Maggie if she believed in the Easter bunny (no) or Bigfoot (also no).

I couldn't resist asking Maggie whether she believed in the Great Pumpkin, even though she's never seen that Charlie Brown show.

"Well I never in my whole life heard of the great pumpkin," was the response.

We had a mostly lounge around the house kind of day. Nina was tired and just wanted to relax. We took them to a new playground in the next town over (well, not new new, just new to us) in the late afternoon and it was fantastic. The highlights were a little, hilly bike trail/loop that kids could ride on (we didn't bring Nina's bike this time, we'll have to next time) and a huge sandbox fed with plenty of water by a spigot on top of a small hill next to it. Messy, but tons of fun.

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Vanessa said...

Cute! Love the use of the "in my whole life" phrase.