about a dream: On Sunday we went to Farbie

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On Sunday we went to Farbie

We love Farbie! I just asked Maggie if she like Farbie better or Bogi park better and she said, "I don't know." Scratched her nose. "Don't know." Nina also says, "I don' know," so I guess that means it's a tie.

It's similar to Bogi park, but Farbie has more more inflatable bounce house-type things. Very fun. Of course, all 3 of us girls ended up with some slide burn, but its worth it.

We met our friends Suzy and Manfred and their kids Hannah and Toby there, and as usual the girls and Hannah played so well together.

Afterwards we all went to McDonalds. What a Sunday!

Turns out Nina has no school this week on Thursday or Friday. I'm not sure what we'll do to fill all those days... Friday is a national holiday so everything will be closed like it's a Sunday, but things will still be open on Thursday.

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