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Sunday, November 20, 2011

whew, what a busy weekend!

on friday night we all went to a birthday party for one of the girls' friends, saturday was the early bird sale, frozen turkey hunt, and another birthday party, and today was church, sunday school, and some fun play with our friends the mosses. whew!

the early bird sale was kind of a bust for us, we got there after 9 and the 2 sales we were interested in (grovers and shermans) were over at 9. poop. but we still got what we needed, support local business!

i told nina that in order to get 25% off at shermans, i had to wear my pajamas. the conversation pretty much went exactly like the poo-poo platter one. she did not believe me. (i think that's the first time in the history of this blog that i've used bold. amazing). she let me pack my robe in the car, and was shocked to see that i wasn't lying. people all over town were in their pajamas! of course, maggie was too, but this time everyone thought it was intentional. i assume that since we went straight from the early bird sale to the frozen turkey hunt at the botanical gardens, people just thought maggie had her pajamas on from that. well, people who don't know us of course. and guess what, we actually got a turkey this year! amazing. ok, we didn't actually find an apple with a green sticker on it ourselves, it was kind of a pity turkey, but whatever, we got one. :-)

then it was home for just a few hours before we went back out to a birthday party for one of nina's classmates. nina had said the girl said that parents and siblings could stay, but i don't think that was accurate. luckily, the mom didn't mind if maggie stayed (she knows all of the girls from nina's class since we visit so often), so she did. what fun! nick and i ended up having a lovely dinner at mcseagull's with mom and dad. score!

and today, church and sunday school. maggie was quite the handful at church, twice trying to escape (one of our parishoners told me at social hour that when she was 2, she put on her hat and walked outside while her mother was up getting communion. the church was on a busy street in boston too! so see, it could always be worse!). then we made new angel wings for the live nativity in 2 weeks, with lots and lots of glitter. is it any wonder i'm so tired i can barely type?

but the weather has stayed beautiful, it was in the high 50s today and just perfect. yesterday was a little cooler i guess, but it had to be in the mid 50s when we were at the gardens. if it wasn't, it sure felt like it while we were running around!

we've got lots more coming up, too. the Y-Arts group is singing before santa arrives downtown on the 3rd, the weekend after that nina's ballet class dances at the gingerbread festival, and then there's the live nativity and the harbor lights festival. is it any wonder we actually look forward to january? it's the first time we really get a chance to rest up!

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