about a dream: letters to santa

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

letters to santa

nina wrote her letter to santa last night, and after she wrote her own, maggie dictated hers to nina.

nina wrote:
Dear santa
I want 10 books for crismis!

Anina Halter

and maggie's says:
I love you santa!
I want a little flufy dog with bows in her eres!

(that's ears)

but, that's not exactly what maggie said. when nina said, "maggie, what do you want for christmas?" maggie responded "a loving mother" (honestly). nina said, "maggie! you already have that. what else do you want."

so at least one of my kids thinks i'm a loving mother. the other one has requested a back-up mother, preferably aunt isabelle.

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Vanessa said...

Omg, that is hysterical!!