about a dream: we're getting in the christmas spirit around here!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

we're getting in the christmas spirit around here!

last night the grinch was on TV, so we let the girls stay up to watch it. they love it. their huge smiles as it was starting were just too cute.

we've also made some fantastic wreaths, which are easy when it's 60 degrees and we can make them outdoors! we even made one as a gift for erik and isabelle in boston. i wish i'd taken a picture of it, nina decorated it with painted and glittered leaves and pinecones, and it was a thing of beauty. plus it had this big yellow construction paper circle attached that said "happy thanksgiving aunt, uncle, chester." she didn't have space for the full names. such a practical child!

we have such a busy few weeks coming up. on saturday, the Y arts chorus sings for santa's arrival in town, which means cookies at the library, carriage rides, and sitting on santa's lap (maybe). plus there are the trees at the opera house, the live nativity at church that they're going to be in, and the harbor lights festival. hopefully we'll remember to bring the camera for once!

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