about a dream: my happy birthday banner

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my happy birthday banner

i made this banner a few weeks ago as a birthday present for wyatt, but i didn't put a photo up so i could surprise vanessa with it (because it was more for her than wyatt, really. but hey, she did all the work the day he was born! haha!)

but anne and erik and isabelle didn't get to see it, so here it is. i was so happy with the way it came out!


Vanessa said...

And I forgot to thank you for it!! It is still up, and Wyatt loves it too. Great idea, thanks again!

Oma said...

That's really neat, Des! Thanks for putting it on the blog!

des said...

thanks guys! i'm glad wyatt likes it! i was going for a mix of patterns that would work for a little boy, and still work as he gets older.