about a dream: i can't believe how warm it was today.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i can't believe how warm it was today.

well i don't know what the high was today, but it was lovely! mid 50s at least. 60 maybe. what a way to end november!

the girls and i were out hunting for a christmas tree this afternoon. it's been so warm that it's taking a bit of effort to get into the christmas spirit, so we're listening to christmas music, making wreaths, and hunting for our tree. so far there's nothing on our property, but we'll expand our search and maybe grab something from the neighbors. hehehe.

also, i have a break up to announce. i know, the blog is a terrible way to drop news like this, but... nina and gabe are no longer an item. she told me today that they've broken up. i didn't know they were an item. when i pressed nina for details, she explained that she assumed they'd broken up, since gabe doesn't follow her around "like this" (arms outstreached, eyes smitten, a pose that we've dubbed "the gabe.") it was funny to hear her say "broke up," and at first i assume she'd heard the term at school, but on second thought, she could easily have heard it here. but don't worry, she still has charlie, plus 4 other guys that she loves. papa, grandpa, uncle erik, and uncle micah! so sweet. when i asked, "what about ethan and wyatt?" she said, "oh yeah, 6 guys i love!"

tonight margarete also re-affirmed that she wants to live with uncle erik and aunt isabelle, who she loves best of all, and watch TV with them all day. promises promises! she wanted me to read a book to her (another book i should say, i'd already read at least three), and i said "i will, but first i have to change into my pajamas." and she said "NO BUTs!!!" i guess i should have just put on the TV.

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