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Monday, November 7, 2011

today at hannaford....

the guy a the fish counter gave maggie a cookie (they have them behind the counter for kids). maggie was very happy, but she wouldn't eat it because there was just one. even though nina was at school, she wanted one for her. so i told maggie not to worry, we could get a cookie for nina too, and i asked the guy if we could have a second cookie because maggie wanted one for her sister who was at school (explaining lest the guy think we were trying to scam two cookies), and he gave us one and said it warmed his heart to see such a sweet child, and congratulated me on raising such a dear little girl.

happy me! i love it when people see maggie's sweet side, she's such a wonderful little girl. :-)

of course, i was singing a different tune when she was up before 5 this morning, screaming about wanting to nurse and then wanting to put on different pajamas. the girls were out like lights by 7:30 and i'm sure i'll be in bed by 9:30 tonight. oh well, hopefully one day she'll stop screaming to nurse at night. most kids would just give up a few months into the weaning process, but not dear margarete. she has an iron will.

not much else going on. went swimming again at the new Y pool yesterday, one of the girls' friends had a birthday party there. it was fun! they love it, nina wants to stay in for hours but i still get chilly, even in the warm water pool. hopefully nick will be able to last longer than me. maggie loves it too, she swims around in her life jacket and walks up and down the ramp out of the pool.

the weather has been beautiful, too. it had to be in the high 50s today, with a clear sky and a nice warm sun. i could get used to novembers like this!!

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