about a dream: it's august already?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

it's august already?

where is the time going?! unfair.

we had a lovely visit with our friends the wengs. the kids played beautifully and we adults has fun too. nina and maggie really wanted gabriel to stay, and so did he. hopefully we'll see them again soon.

the girls are exhausted today though, and nina seems to be fighting off a tiny little bug. she's felt ever so slightly warm all day, has had a bit of a tummy ache, and has still been sneezing and dealing with the runny nose she's had for a while. i'm thinking her allergies might have bred a small infection, or she's just picked up a little bug.

then we're all tired from a classic halter family night's sleep. the girls went to bed late because the kids were having so much fun playing on their last night, so i ended up putting them both to sleep in my bed (and of course, falling asleep myself in the process). at about 11 i was too squished with them, so i got onto the floor bed with nick. not more than 10 minutes later, maggie rolled out of bed onto the floor. she hit with such a thump that nick and i both jumped up. she was ok though, didn't even wake up. i had tucked the blankets under the mattress to try to prevent her from rolling off the bed, maybe that broke her fall enough that she didn't get hurt. anyway, she stayed asleep and i put her back in bed.
then, there was some very, very bright lightning from a storm so far away that we couldn't hear the thunder. so it was almost midnight by the time i got back to sleep. i woke up at 5 am to maggie crying for fresh pajamas, since she'd peed in hers. gah! so i changed her and we went back to sleep until 7 in nina's bed.

yup, classic halter night. the girls are going to bed soon though, and hopefully we'll all feel well-rested and healthy in the morning.

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