about a dream: nina is a first grader!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

nina is a first grader!!!

her first day was "good," she said. nina is not one for giving details about school, and i ask a lot of questions, but still it's hard to get information out of her. the highlights were that her teacher, mrs. spaulding, read them a story in the morning, and that they had gym class. she also really likes a new girl in her class, hannah, who is meredith roberts' neice. she and nina had dance together 2 years ago, so they remembered each other.

i would have first day of school photos to go with this post, but i downloaded them onto the other computer, which is having some difficulty starting up (the old gateway. the screen of which, by the way, is now in full color again. how weird is that?). so here i am using nick's computer. but mine looks to be starting up properly now so hopefully by the time you read this, pictures will be up and this paragraph will make no sense. haha!

speaking of "haha"s, i have been remiss in blogging about the girls' cuteness. so here some of it is, in no particular order:

maggie, after listening to me recount her wakings up at night: "but then i fell asleep and slept with all my might!"

nina, in the car, when we were discussing a large caterpillar in a junior high classroom that will grow into a very large moth: "what's the difference between a moth and a butterfly?"
me: "uh, i don't know."
nick: "i think butterflies are prettier than moths."
nina: "oh, i think it's that moths come out at night and butterflies come out during the day."
me and nick: "wow, we're dumb."

i'm not sure if that's even the technical definition of the difference, but it's obviously far, far better than anything nick or i could come up with.

also, maggie says "ridiculous" like "ruh-dick-lee-ous" and it's just too cute.

ok i'm gonna switch to the other laptop and see if i can put up the photos.


Vanessa said...

Regarding Nina's question- wow, it seems it is not an easy question to answer! See

But Nina's answer looks like one of the clearer differences, although there are exceptions, as it seems there are with all of the differences.

des said...

thanks for that link. i guess nick's guess was better than mine. how embarrassing that i mocked it! well, he'll never read this, so i just won't say anything. victory!