about a dream: i guess the blog has become more of a weekend update

Saturday, August 20, 2011

i guess the blog has become more of a weekend update

my good intentions go so quickly by the wayside. oh well.

but we've been busy this week because our friends the mascias are visiting! they're the ones with 2 little girls (all 4 girls are now giggling hysterically over some potty talk. at least maggie isn't whining to nuuuuuuuuurse!)

this morning we did the tidepooling class at the aquarium. so fun! we caught a bunch of crabs and hermit crabs in our nets and put them in a bucket. then they were going to tell us all about the animals we caught, but we had (foolishly) left the house before eating breakfast II, and we were all too hungry to listen. nick had gone to the grocery store for a few things while we were tidepooling so we waited outside for him to come back and promptly devoured a half-dozen muffins upon his return.

yesterday we had a fun day of hendrick's head and swimming at mom's house. before that is starting to be a blur.... i'll try to back update over the next few days, especially to tell about nina's 6th birthday. she's six!!!

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