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Friday, August 26, 2011

busy busy busy!!!

where to start? well, we still have our last company of the summer, though nina is especially ready for them to go. she's having trouble mostly with the 3 year old, who doesn't listen to her as well as maggie does (i guess i never noticed that as strong-willed as maggie is, she listens to nina very well. she actually listens to me pretty well too, compared to other 3 year olds). so, nina's pretty frustrated. yesterday day she told me, "i'm at the end of my rope. i've used up a thousand ropes!"

it's cute, but i feel bad that nina is so stressed. i'm doing as much as i can to give her a break from everyone, but she just wants them gone. and now there may be a hurricane headed here in a few days! it's looking promising that it'll veer far enough west of us that we don't get much, so please keep your fingers crossed!

plus, my washing machine broke. however, both sears and lowes are offering 10 - 20% of washers this week, so i'm in luck!

so as you can see, busy busy busy here. i will try to write more often though. unless of course we lose power for a week!!

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Vanessa said...

I don't think it's going to end up being much, even for NY... That's my prediction.