about a dream: botanical gardens today

Monday, August 22, 2011

botanical gardens today

what a fun, exhausting place. we spent most of our time in the children's garden, as usual, but also go to the garden of the 5 senses. saw frogs in the ponds, some tadpoles still (must have been some late egg laying?), and of course lots of plants.

yesterday we went to a concert at the congo church that sam schwehm put on. he's such a great piano player! then we took the girls to get some ice cream. we only stayed for 4 or 5 songs, the girls were being so good but i didn't want to push my luck, and i wanted to leave before they got bored, so they don't develop negative feelings about piano concerts.

saturday we did the tidepooling class at the aquarium, but i think i wrote about that already. so then, all caught up!

i can't think of anything they've done or said lately that made me chuckle and i have to share. oh yeah, maggie was annoying nina one night (probably whining because she was over-tired), and nina said, "that's it, you're not my sister anymore! you're fired!" which was pretty funny. she's never even seen the apprentice!

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