about a dream: saturday, sunday and monday in boston

Sunday, February 27, 2011

saturday, sunday and monday in boston

before i get back to talking about our trip, i just want to point out that you may notice an increase in typos here in the blog. i can catch the ones that spellcheck automatically underlines, but not ones that are real words, just the wrong real words. and the reason for this is that the computer screen that i cracked a few months back took an elbow from maggie, and now it's very blurry. so i can see well enough to type, but not perfectly. so, there you have it. pardon the mistakes!

ok, back to the trip catch-up blogging. saturday was a day of hanging out with the family and visiting with vanessa's old college friends, rebecca and frank. we played with wyatt and chester (favorite games include getting him to say AA-CHOO!!, playing tickle wyatt, and blowing my nose loudly to his delight). for dinner we enjoyed a $60 prime rib. rib roast? something like that, a piece of meat. it was tasty.

on sunday, nick and i took the girls and ethan to a children's museum in providence, RI. it was very nice! maggie enjoyed it a bit more than nina i think, she's starting to outgrow children's museums which can really be geared to the under 5 set. this particular museum was filled with 2-3 year olds, but still, there was plenty to play with and she had a good time. ethan was of course way too old for the stuff, but i think he had fun playing with the girls and helping them with things.
after the children's museum erik and i took the girls and chester to that big playground in sharon. that is a great playground, they had a wonderful time.

on monday, we just hung around the house in the morning and played some more. at one point, maggie was having some cranberry juice, and nina decided to try some and see if she has outgrown her sensitivity (it usually makes small pink splotches appear around her mouth). maggie saw nina about to drink some cranberry juice, stood up and yelled, "NO nina! you'll turn red!!"

earlier, nina had been reading to herself on the couch and said aloud, "this can't be right. burst into song?" haha! we sure do have some strange expressions!

next: the trip to NY!

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