about a dream: everyone's on the mend, including me

Friday, February 4, 2011

everyone's on the mend, including me

of course i'm the slowest to mend, but isn't that just always the way? nina, fingers crossed of course, seems to be safe from this one. she had a sore throat overnight and this morning, which is how it started for me, and we kept her home but by 10:00 she seemed totally fine. she said the sore throat was gone and so far it hasn't come back. whew! no wonder she's fallen asleep so easily for the past few days, she's been fighting it off. successfully, hooray!

not much happening anyway. yesterday maggie and i manned the book fair at the elementary school. maggie loves doing that because she gets to read books all morning. it's even better than the library too because the books are so new and shiny. we bought a few too of course.

i even took them sledding. it was in the low 30s and felt like summer! haha. actually, i was probably running a slight fever because i was sweating, which is not like me. my toes never even froze! they got chilly, but they didn't turn white. sledding is our primary winter activity. sometimes i take nina ice skating but maggie hates that, so if it's just the 3 of us we go sledding. if nick can do something with maggie on the weekend, then we skate.

this afternoon the girls played with some friends... yeah i really don't have much to say! it's gonna be a busy weekend, playdate tomorrow, birthday party, then some friends over for the superbowl! busy busy.

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Oma said...

... and a Skype call with Oma and Opa after you get home from church, or whenever Maggie gets up from her nap ...