about a dream: oh poor neglected blog! can i catch up with a veritable bonanza of blogging tonight!

Friday, February 25, 2011

oh poor neglected blog! can i catch up with a veritable bonanza of blogging tonight!

ok, i can't even remember the last thing i wrote about, and i don't feel like going back to read, so at the risk of repeating myself, i'll just start with 2 weeks ago.


the week before vacation maggie started to get sicker instead of better. uh-oh! she started to feel warm over the weekend, and on sunday night she was hot. she'd had that awful cold (the one that knocked me out and kept me from blogging before vacation week started), and her poor little nose was runny for 2 weeks. finally it evolved into a sinus infection. so on monday (valentines day, as it were), i took her to the doctor, and he diagnosed a sinus infection that was getting close to spreading to her right ear. ("does this ear hurt," he asked, pointing to her left ear. "no," she said. "how about this one?" he asked, pointing to the right. "a little," she said. "how about your nose, does that hurt?" "no." "your throat?" "a little." and so forth. it was so cute.) anyway, he prescribed a 10-day course of antibiotics.

still, valentine's day was fun. we celebrated nina's half birthday with the rest of our jello cake and a card. she was so happy.

what else?... hm... oh, there was the morning that maggie woke up and wanted to keep nursing. i was done and told her no. she screamed. nina (also in bed with us) offered to tell her a story. "tell me the story of the 3 little princesses!" maggie requested. so nina started, "once upon a time there were 3 little princesses: nina, maggie, and nora" "NO!" yelled maggie. "how about sarah, emily, and charlotte," i sleepily offered.
"NOOOOOOOOO!! WAHHHH" yelled margarete, devastated. "mama you're STUPID!" she said.

ouch! fortunately, i think being so tired helped me handle it well, because i really was too tired to care and just told her "we don't say that, it's not a nice word, zzzzzzzzzzzz" and fell back asleep.

oh dear though, that little maggie really has a tempter.

bedtime for the girlies now, but hopefully i will be back on tonight to do more catching up.

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