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Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!

ugh, what a week! maggie and i were sick sick sick, this could just wouldn't go away. maggie spiked a fever yesterday and looked pretty run down today (plus the fever was sticking around), so i took her in to see the doctor this afternoon. she has a sinus infection, so she got antibiotics. :-( it is this close to spreading to her right ear too, so i'm glad i ended up taking her in today instead of waiting another day like i was tempted to. but when that fever wouldn't go away, and i saw those dark circles under her eyes, i figured she'd gotten an infection. oh well, her spirits were great this afternoon, and the fever seemed to be totally gone by bedtime, so hopefully it's all uphill!

nina celebrated turning 5 1/2 today! she was very excited, i made her a card and we all ate leftover jello cake. at night she said she wanted to fall asleep by herself because she's 5 1/2, but that lasted all of 10 minutes because she wanted nick to lie down with her after all. that's ok, we don't mind, we'll take the cuddles whenever we can get them!

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