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Saturday, February 26, 2011


on friday, we headed down to boston. hooray! the kids were so excited, as was i, because vanessa was going to be there with wyatt and ethan! and of course, we were equally excited to see chester. man, the girls really love that mutt!
we ended up keeping nina home that day, she was so excited and no one felt like getting up early to get her to school when we were going to pick her up by 11:00 anyway. we had an easy trip down and got to boston at 4ish. the girls watched one of their new my little pony videos and the trip went like a dream. they love to play a game that's like 20 questions only we don't count or limit the number of questions, and we call it "guess what i'm thinking." it's so fun. nina is great at it, and maggie does a pretty good job herself! sometimes she'll announce what she's thinking of before we even start asking questions (is it an animal? can we keep it as a pet? those are our classic first 2 questions. if we can't keep it as a pet, maggie answers, "oh no no no no no!"). even if she announces what it is, she still requires us to ask sufficient questions before we guess what animal she's thinking of (they're usually animals, but we also do plants, numbers, and things quite often). well on the way down, nina was thinking of a dinosaur, but we still had to figure out which one. maggie asked, "is it a herbivore?" what the heck!

we got to boston a few hours before vanessa got in, so we could play with erik and chester all by ourselves. then vanessa came with wyatt and ethan! the girls were so happy. wyatt is adorable, and ethan is so good with the girls.

we're going to go sledding now and enjoy the fresh 6-8 inches of snow we got yesterday. so, there's like 2 feet of snow on the ground right now. yay. this is the winter that just won't end!!

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