about a dream: another snow day

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

another snow day

wow, we've just been getting walloped this winter! i can't even guess how much is on the ground out there... about 2 feet. unfortunately, it's been SO COLD that we can't be out in it for too long. it was only in the teens today with a pretty brisk wind. brr! maggie actually agreed to wear a scarf, that's how cold it was!

maggie is feeling better by the way. the little temperature is gone, and she's still a bit snotty but not nearly so much as before. she's such a hardy child! my throat is feeling sore tonight though, so we'll see how i do with it. probably i'll be sick for a week. :-(

anyway, the girls had a great day home together. nina made us all play school for the morning, she misses it when she's not there! oh, and yesterday i had a meeting with her teacher about math. she was so great and enthusiastic, she gave me some ideas about what to do with her at home (she thinks nina will really like word problems since she's such a good reader). we also talked a bit about nina's reading, which is excellent. she said the next thing they focus on after the kids get the mechanics of reading down is comprehension: identifying plot, characters, setting (all those book report topics, remember?!), and then, making inferences, which she says is more of a 3rd grade thing but something nina is probably ready for (or doing already). it was a great meeting. it was really nice to hear what to work on with her at home since she LOVES to do math problems with me, and loves to read. oh, while we were leaving maggie went up to a drawing nina had done that said "nina" at the bottom in big letters, and read "nina!" mrs. mellor saw it and wasn't surprised. she can also read her own name. i haven't tried to see if she can read anything else. well, not "read," really i think, but memorized as a sight word. not that there's much of a difference, but i've never seen her sound anything out. she does know her letter sounds though, i heard her answering questions when super why was on ("what sound does the letter B make?" said princess presto. "Buh!" answered maggie).

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