about a dream: went to the portland children's museum yesterday

Sunday, December 19, 2010

went to the portland children's museum yesterday

nina has been many times, and maggie went as a baby, but it has been so long that it was entirely new to both of them. they had a great time! they've added a balls and ramps room where the gift shop used to be, and i think that was maggie's favorite. nina liked the fake cow (maggie was her name!) and the fire truck (it has a fire pole inside, and sliding down the fire pole is her favorite playground activity). we stayed for about 2.5 hours and the girls had a blast.

afterwards we stopped by the target in topsham to get a few last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. i think we're set for christmas! there is much wrapping to do, and nina desperately wants to bake some christmas cookies, but there's time for that.

i just finished vacuuming while nick has the girls over at mom and dad's, feeding the fish and watching some wonder pets. then it's off to the track and grocery store. such busy lives we lead!

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