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Thursday, December 23, 2010

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree

nick's source of anxiety!

see how that rhymes? it's my alternate lyrics to "oh christmas tree." nick is very stressed by the way the needles are falling from it. if anyone touches the tree he freaks out! oh, it's a long chrismas season at the halter house.

the girls posed for some adorable photos under the tree the other day. they'd make great christmas cards, but we already sent our cards out (already! haha. i was aiming to get them out earlier this year, oh well.)

we got some great snow this morning! we've made 2 fantastic snow men and are working on a snow fort. that, and just waiting impatiently for christmas!

hopefully i will write more tonight!

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Vanessa said...

Maggie's smile in that second picture down is so cute!