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Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas was great

and now we're hunkered down for a blizzard!!

but first, christmas! it was fantastic. nina woke up just before seven and whispered "chrrrrissmas? chrissstmass... CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!" and then ran downstairs to see if santa brought her the snow boots she wanted. he did! she ran back upstairs with them to show us, a huge smile on her face. maggie followed her back downstairs and in spite of her posturing, was thrilled to see that santa had brought her a belle dress. nina checked in the fridge to see if gingy, the cookie man she'd made for santa, was gone. and he was! santa must have eaten him when he was dropping off the presents. good thing santa thought to check in the fridge because we forgot to set gingy out before bed!!

after opening presents at our house, we went next door and had breakfast and did presents there. erik, isabelle, and chester were there, plus oma! she unexpectedly came up from NY to be here for christmas. now she's stuck! her flight out was cancelled today, so she probably won't go until tuesday night.

after presents at the parents' house, we took the girls and their new sleds out sledding at the high school. it was fun, the sleds were super! isabelle's mom and aunt were staying at the flagship, so they came out too, then we all headed back to mom and dad's for some christmas feast.

then came a rousing game of balderdash! nina and i won, in spite of her preference for voting for the first answer choice read. well, that was better than last time, when she always voted for us. hm, maybe she didn't get that we were supposed to vote for the answer we thought was actually correct, not just the one we thought was best. finally, the gilchrists came by for dessert, and we didn't get home until 10. what a busy holiday!!

well, i'm exhausted, i can barely type tonight! nick and i took the girls to see the new disney movie, "tangled," this afternoon. it was really good! it was computer animated, which i wasn't expecting, i thought the princess movies would stick with regular cartoon animation. but i liked it.

if we still have electricity in the morning i'll update!!

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