about a dream: oh and on thursday

Sunday, December 19, 2010

oh and on thursday

i took maggie swimming at the Y. she swam with 3 bubbles all by herself for over half an hour! she didn't want to get out of the pool but mommy was getting cold, otherwise i'm sure she could have stayed in all day. she did such a great job though! she motored those adorable little legs and paddled with her arms and swam the entire length of the pool and back again. it's a big pool! she was so happy and having so much fun. unfortunately, they close the pool on jan 1 to begin construction on the new pool. we can use nearby Y pools while ours is closed for free, but i'm not too keen on trekking 20 minutes for it. we'll see. if she really wants to go back, how could i say no?

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