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Thursday, December 23, 2010

take that, santa

i put this on facebook, but it needs to be on the blog for posterity.

ok, so we all know that margarete is her own woman. well, i was hoping that i could leverage the santa thing for some better behavior (it always worked with nina). so, margarete was not listening as usual (i don't even remember what she was doing. licking the window? trashing the house? tormenting nina?). it doesn't matter. i told her to stop doing what she was doing and listen to mommy, or else santa wouldn't bring her any presents. she looked at me. 'that's ok,' she said. 'i saw a good belle dress at the red store (target). i can get that one.'
then nina said she didn't have any money, and maggie said she's just take some from their toy cash register.

man that kid's got attitude! what kind of 2 year old says screw santa, i can get what i want. i think she must take after mom. :-)

she's really figuring out how to push nina's buttons too. lately it's copying whatever nina says. such a classic move, and there's a reason it's a classic i'm finding out. still, nina adores her little sister. and maggie adores nina. they're both so happy to have each other all day now that nina's home on vacation.

tomorrow is christmas eve!! hopefully i will find a few minutes to update. the girls are overwhelmed with excitement of course. well, minus the typical santa excitement on maggie's end of course.

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