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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

no post last night

because her royal highness, queen margarete, did not deign to go to bed until 10:30. she slept in late yesterday morning and then took a long, late nap, so we saw that one coming. fortunately, she just likes to read read read in the evening, so nick's protestations notwithstanding, she's a very easy child in the evenings.

but the big news is that we got nina's report card yesterday! ALL check pluses, which means "consistently" (as opposed to "sometimes" or "seldom"). displays a positive attitude--check plus! accepts/assumes responsibilites--check plus! respects authority--check plus! there's more but you get the drift. here is what mrs. mellor wrote in the comments section: nina is an enthusiastic student. she is a joy to have in class. she is a great role model for her classmates.

the report on her reading level is actually unclear, it says benchmark 6 under the space for the june entry, and nina's december is a 3. which would be fine, except that i know she started the year where they expect kids to be in june, so it doesn't really make sense. oh well, i could ask, but it doesn't really matter. though, it does seem like the report card is used for both K and 1st grade (because at the top it says "descriptors listed below represent skills that students work on developing throughout first grade). so, it would make sense that kids are expected to be at a 3 at the end of K, and a 6 at the end of first. though i suspect she's already reading at better than an entering 1st grade level. but maybe not! what's first grade level reading? when i was a kid, did we even read yet in first grade? well, doesn't matter!

the report cards from her music teacher, art teacher, and gym teacher are similarily wonderful. all check pluses, with notes about what a joy she is. 2 very proud parents at home!


Oma said...

... and a proud Oma and Opa!!!

Vanessa said...

Great job, Nina!!