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Saturday, November 7, 2009

oma's arrival

i don't remember what we did on monday, so i'll skip straight to the big day--tuesday! nick went to portland to pick up oma at 5, and they got in at around 6:30. i had taken the girls swimming at the Y after ballet to help kill time until they got home, and that was a lot of fun. we now use the handicapped changing room exclusively because i can lock the door, preventing maggie from running out into the hallway at least 3 times while i'm changing. (and me from having to put a towel over myself to run after her. obviously that is an embarrassment waiting to happen!). so, the locking door on the handicapped changing room makes swimming possible. and really, no one says anything about me using it because clearly one look at us and they know i'm a woman who needs all the help she can get!
the big news with swimming is that nina now swims with just 2 bubbles. it's a little harder for her, she has to work the muscles a little more to stay afloat and move, but she loves it. the bubbles system is such an easy way for them to develop their strength.

finally, oma arrived and there was merriment, cheese, chocolate, cookies, coffee, and one other thing that doesn't start with "c" but i can't remember what... oh well, it'll come to me. books, was that it?

mom and dad popped by, and there was just one episode of mass hysteria over who was going to wear the princess nightgown. nina threw herself sobbing onto the futon, saying "i don't want maggie to wear my nightgown," and maggie threw herself to the futon, also sobbing. the situation was resolved when maggie was presented with the option of wearing her winnie the pooh shirt to bed. she loves pooh. grandma fixed the situation permanently by buying maggie an identical princess nightgown. whew! and i thought the clothing arguments weren't supposed to start for another 10 years!

edit: rice! that was it, oma also brought arboiro rice!

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