about a dream: oma is visiting, and i'm not posting!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

oma is visiting, and i'm not posting!

i tell you, once i break the stride of every-other-day posting, it's so easy to let the blog slip and bam! i realize a week has gone by. it's even harder to make the blog a priority when fully half of my audience is right here with us! add to that the daily phone calls with vanessa and erik, and there's little new to put up here.

still, the blog serves an important, but sometimes overlooked (by me) purpose, and that is its function as a record of the kids' early years. so, even if it's repetitious, i'll re-cap the week. feel free to skim.

sunday: sunday morning we went to church. there was some kind of "all saints' parish" thing going on (our lady queen of peace is no longer a "church" but a "worship center." that's because we now share a priest with a bunch of other churches, collectively called "all saints' parish.") so, some of the all saints parishoners from other worship centers came to church (worship?) at OLQP, and they did the readings an such. well, there was also big breakfast. what luck! poor nick had stayed home to work and was really disappointed when he found out about the breakfast. they had so much bacon they actually announced that people needed to come up for seconds to help finish it off. a little piece of nick heaven. maybe that's god's way of telling nick that by missing church, he's missing his own little heaven... hmm nick, you should think about that.
also, there was some mass cuteness from maggie; she still loves the singing, and was "la la la"ing along with the cantor woman while she was singing her solo cantor part (you know, where one one lady sings/chants something like "and the fruits of all the trees and birds will be ripe/for the season of the lord is upon us" and we all sing in response "we will praise the lord on this day" in some bizarre melody that is not melodious at all.) but adding maggie's "la la la"ing on top of that made for some real cuteness.

that's all i can think of from sunday. hm, i'll have to start another post about oma's visit.

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