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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

more on oma's visit...

so let's see, on wednesday we pretty much just hung out at the house. the weather was kind of icky if i remember correctly.

thursday, nick and i had to go to the bank. we decided to go without the kids and leave the grandmas in charge! i don't know what happened while we were gone, but the kids were happy and healthy when we got home, so good job grandmas. A+! on thursday, nina also went to the first rehearsal for the polar express play that the library is putting on at the railway village in december. there were only a few kids there, but that was good for nina, because it was her first introduction to acting and she thought the idea was a little weird. i think she's really going to like it though, so hopefully she is willing to stick with it. rehearsals will start next week, i guess we'll see!

on friday went to story hour with oma, and on friday night nick and i took the girls to the Y for some family swim. the girls love to swim, and it tuckers them out, which makes bedtime a breeze.

saturday we all went down to ocean point to throw rocks into the water, and on sunday, oma had to leave. it was a short visit, but fun!

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Oma said...

Yes, it sure was fun and way too short!