about a dream: the girls' christmas lists

Sunday, November 29, 2009

the girls' christmas lists

i can't believe christmas is just around the corner already! here is what the girls have their eyes on this year:

high-heeled dress-up shoes (in her size, not my old castoffs)
a princess dress-up necklace (one of those plastic jewelery sets would be perfect since the girls sometimes fight over the one pair of clip-on earrings that we have)
a ken doll, preferably a prince
anything disney princess or tinkerbell
slippers (size 12 or 13)
sports equipment (t-ball, soccer ball, things like that)

anything winnie the pooh
anything princess
slippers (size 7)
anything with letters or numbers

and for either one
anything crafty

nina is currently just going into a size 5 and maggie is a 2T or 3T (pretty much a 3T for everyting except pants, 3T are still a bit too long, but 2T probably won't fit for too much longer)

that's all i can think of!

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