about a dream: nina destroyed me in wii bowling

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

nina destroyed me in wii bowling

we hadn't played in a while because we were out of batteries. well, i haven't gotten any better in the last few months but nina sure has! she bowled almost all strikes and spares. she's a prodigy!!


Leigh said...

Me: (reads your post to Jim)
Jim: Nina?! How old is that kid now?
Me: How long have we been married as of next week?
Jim: She's FOUR? Jeez, that's pretty damn good.
Me: C'mon, that's pretty damn good for 30!

Yeah, she'd destroy us too. :)

nick and des said...

i think we'll have to see! hm, can we bowl together via the power of the web? wiis go online, right? she's training maggie btw, it's only a matter of time until i'm squashed by the under 2 set. embarrassing. (has it really been 4 years since your wedding? god time flies!)