about a dream: i can't believe i missed my blogiversary!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

i can't believe i missed my blogiversary!

i totally forgot about it, even though i'd looked back at my first post in september and saw that i'd written it on october 14, 2008. well, happy belated blogiversary to me! i must say, i enjoy having the blog to look back on even more than i had thought. there are so many little things that i had forgotten. and the girls love it too; just today nina made me dig up the video of her saying "i have a big piece of toilet!" she loves that! this inevitably led to a youtube fest of halterfamily's video postings. remember the one where nina is feeding maggie a lollipop and maggie is wiggling her little feet in joy? ok, i'll link to it: here. i can't believe how much that little margarete has grown!!!!

here's to another year of cuteness!!

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Oma said...

One of my very favorites is "Nina sings"!