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Saturday, August 8, 2009

kiddie cuteness

nina insisted on sleeping in the suitcase the night we were in london. she was playing chester, and that was chester's bed... so nick and i went along, because the room only had a king-sized bed, which is big, but not that big. still, we moved her into the bed when we were done watching TV.

anyway, the next day at the airport, our chatty nina had to LOUDLY tell everyone "i slept in the luggage last night!" i'd add "she wanted to! it was her idea! she was pretending to be a dog!" but that didn't make it sound any better. i needed my negligent mother t-shirt, then i wouldn't have to worry about trying to explain.

maggie, in the meanwhile, has become quite proficient at stringing words together. in the swing at the north queensview playground the day we left for our cruise, nick was pushing her for a while and then asked her if she wanted to get out. she responded "no out! no out!"

and then to top that, i was telling her two nights ago that the nanas were going to sleep (i'm trying to start the process of getting her to sleep without nursing. we'll see how that goes). so i said, "good-night nanas!" and she said "bye-bye nanas" (she always says bye-bye and not good night). she was proud of herself and said it a few times. then she stopped smiling, grabbed my shirt, tried to pull it up and said "no bye-bye nanas!!" her first three word phrase! (well, the first very clearly discernible three word phrase.) also probably indicative of how well the night weaning will go. hehe.

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Vanessa said...

Nina is too funny!
This is from Ethan:
(in a British accent:)
"What the heck are you doing, putting your daughter in the luggage?"

No, really, it is funny and you are not a bad mother! (I know you know that)

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