about a dream: the crossing, part II

Friday, August 7, 2009

the crossing, part II

so, i wrote the first post on saturday night. i intentionally left off the part about maggie throwing up on saturday becuse i didn't want to worry anyone. her fever on friday night had been about 102, which is nothing for nina but high for maggie, but her spirits were great so we weren't too worried. we figured we'd just wait and see how she did over the next day. she seemed much better on sunday, but then on sunday night she woke up crying loudly (her pain cry) every hour or so, so i took her to the doctor first thing monday morning. we had the travel insurance, so it was free.

the dr. said it looked like just a little bug and that her ears were a bit pink, so probably painful, but didn't look infected. he said he didn't think she needed antibiotics (probably only mentioned them because i'm american and we are so gung-ho on the antibiotics here), but that if the fever got high again or she seemed worse to come back. she got better from there. we gave her tylenol for her ears and that seemed to help a lot. the fever came back just a bit that night, but much lower than saturday, probably something like 99.5.

other than that, we continued on with our little routine. i didn't take maggie swimming any more just in case, but she only likes splashing her little feet anyway, so she didn't care. nina and nick went swimming and hot tubbing every day. oh, and maggie was a little celebrity on the boat. there were only a handful of babies and of course she was by far the cutest, so people recognized her. we'd be walking along the deck and someone would say, "oh look, there's maggie!" nina of course was charming and talkative, and people (who were about 75% seniors) commented on how well-behaved and lovely they are. but we know that!

the waiter gave us copies of our menus from the voyage, so we will be sharing those. i put some pictures we took of dinner one night on facebook. the lamb was amazing.

one really neat thing that happened was when we got close to the UK on tuesday (our last day at sea) two F2 fighter jets flew around us to welcome us home. they announced that the pilot was a relative of one of the passangers. it was very neat.

the weather was surprisingly warm on the first 3 days, in the 80s. the next day it was in the low 70s, then the last two highs in the 60s. the seas were very calm, and the sky was partly sunny, no rain. so, perfect weather! it was very relaxing to sit on one of the deck chairs and just watch the ocean go by (for 5 minutes. then maggie would want to take a walk, which was not relaxing). oh well, we'll relax more when the kids are older i'm sure.

i'm going to bed now. tomorrow i'll tell you about our day in london with camilla (preview: it was very fun!).

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