about a dream: and to continue to fill in on the last few days...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

and to continue to fill in on the last few days...

because i don't feel like cleaning up the kitchen just yet...

friday, oma and i took the girls to a water park. great fun! they had a kiddie area with a pool that was up to about maggie's waist and had some sprinklers in it and a water slide. so fun! the slide was great, it was flat enough at the bottom that the kids didn't shoot into the water and risk going under. nina loved it, and maggie insisted on going down too. of course she loved it, i had to ride down with her on my lap about a dozen times. well, i didn't mind. it was fun!

we also played in the deeper adult pool. there were 2 tall water slides that the girls were too little for, but i see many more water parks in our future. good times.

saturday we went walking up in that park behind the casino in baden. there is a small petting zoo at the top, so we fed some goats. also good fun. maggie wasn't much for walking up hill (the petting zoo was at the top of a decent-sized hill). a few times she wanted to be put down, took 2 steps, stopped and reached up to be picked up again. she knows when she's got it good!

then on sunday, nick's friend peter wohrer came for a visit. such a nice guy, we had fun catching up.

that's it! it's been a wonderful visit!

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