about a dream: check out our hike!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

check out our hike!

today we went for a hike in the Naturpark Hohe Wand (translation: High Wall Nature Park). it's about a 45 minute drive from here. wow! check out our pics:

view from the "skywalk." we drove to a parking lot about 2 km from this point and hiked the rest of the way. nina did great, maggie just wanted to play in the dirt and was furious when we tried to carry her. so, it was slow going.

oh, you can just barely see a parasailor in the middle of this photo. it's tiny. but, there were about a dozen of them. maggie kept pointing to them and saying "wow!"

a bit hazy because it was almost 90 today. but the woods were cool and shady, it was only sunny when we got to the skywalk.

the skywalk! aunt marilyn's worst nightmare. :-) it was so cool.

here you can see how it's cantilevered out about 30 feet.

looking down. scary! looking down from the end of the skywalk was even scarier. i couldn't bring myself to take a picture!

we all walked back together for about 1 km to a restaurant/inn, and then nick and anne went on to the car while i waited there with the girls. they were tuckered out and fell asleep on the way home.

cool though, huh?! nick and anne had never been either. nina had been asking to go over the hills since we got here, so nick found this for us. i'm so glad we went! nick says this "hill," which is a bit more plateau-ish because it's flat on top, is part of the voralpen (fore-alps), which is what all the hills in the baden area are considered part of. so, not technically in the alps. i'm not sure where the alps technically start. anyway, i'll put more pictures on facebook right now.