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Saturday, August 8, 2009

family fun fest!

today we went to a children's festival in baden. it was great! there was an inflatable slide (kind of like a moon bounce but a big slide) that nina LOVED. maggie had to try it too, so i carried her up and slid down with her on my lap. she loved it as much as nina. we did it twice, but it was pretty high up and i was afraid she could get hurt, so two times was it. she protested that decision of course.

there were also a bunch of street performers who were really fun to watch. there was even a mechanical bull, but we thought the girls were too young for that. there were balloon folders on stilts, people in butterfly costumes on stilts, and all kinds of fun like that. we got home just before 8 and the girls conked out.

we took photos, of course (we really love our new camera), but we haven't downloaded them yet. next!

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