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Sunday, March 23, 2014

In more triumphant news...

I got roped into participating in the student/faculty game this week at school. I wasn't going to, but the student body president is our babysitter and in one of my physics classes, and she knows me too well. She popped into my room one day and asked,

"Mrs. Scorcia, will you play in the student faculty basketball game? There'll be cupcakes!"

And before I knew it, an enthuiastic "YES!" escaped.

Then she was off! Before I could gather my wits, she was gone. And so I was on the hook.

I warned the kids that my response to a ball coming my way is a duck and cover, but they were all excited I'd be playing. When I tried to back out at the last minute, the rest of the staff said our staff team was super short on players and I had no choice. They also roped Nick in last-minute too. Our hodge-podge team ended up being half staff, half staff spouses, student parents, and student's parent's friend (any team that needs me is clearly very, very desperate).

Then a miracle happened! Someone tossed me the ball (not my husband, who totally ignored the fact that I was wide open), and I shot it as quickly as I could (those high school boys are big! And no high school girls were playing, so I couldn't escape them). And it went it!! Swoosh, just like that. The odds were like, one in 10,000, so they gave me three points. Incredible!

But then something even more amazing happened. I got the ball again, and again I got rid of it like a hot potato. I made a three-pointer (and was awarded four points for it)!!

My students were adorable. All the next day, I heard, "Mrs. Scorcia, you drained it!" (Which means nothin' but net, I think. Or just making a basket, someone explained but I forgot).

It was truly epic. I've been sore ever since, but it was worth it.

For the record, Nick also scored a two pointer and a three pointer, but this was not nearly so miraculous, since he's been playing at least once a week since he was a kid. I dunno, I might have to start joining him at his games!