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Monday, March 31, 2014

Baby Shower!

Isabelle's baby shower was on Saturday. It was fantastic! Martine, Marthe, and Isabelle decorated amazingly. Check out the presents area:

And check out that lovely banner. The girls and I made it!

Here's the amazing spread. Everything wasn't even out yet in this photo--there was eggplant parmigiana, fruit kebabs, a bunch of salads, and tons of other stuff, I don't even remember it all. Plus a TON of candy, cupcakes, tiramisu (I was too sick to make it, so Erik bought one), and Isabelle's flower rice krispies on a stick). Amazing.

And punch! How could I forget the punch?

After food, games!

Games and more punch...
 There was "guess which babies are Isabelle and Erik," "guess the candies," "unscramble the words," and "guess the size of the belly."

Speaking of belly:
Also note the cup in the foreground. Punch.
She looks amazing!!

The girls and I drove down on Saturday morning with Isabelle's friend Bianca and Nick stayed home with the dogs. Very smooth trip down, no traffic, great driving weather. Maybe our next trip down will be to meet the little guy!!

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