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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Family game nights

Every evening this week, the four of us and mom and dad have finished off the day with a rousing game of skip-bo. It's too much fun. Much like other family game nights of days gone by, there's an element of the unpredictable (Maggie): She might really enjoy herself, or she might barricade herself in the bathroom.

The first night went the best I think. Grandma put her coffee cup on a book under the table, and Nina warned her that it might not be very safe there. Grandma took a sip, grumbled that that was a perfectly good place for her coffee, and promptly knocked it over. Ha! Score one for Nina!

Maggie would get stressed out when things weren't going her way, but then swing over to elation when they were. "I'm back on twack!" she declared. Twack! So cute!

The night before last, Maggie had a pretty dull opening hand and all hell broke loose. She sat in the bathroom for the rest of the game, having dragged the trash can in front of the door to keep anyone out. So pathetic. Not one for bouncing back from disappointments, she wailed for a while and then expressed her remorse at having ever been born. I really do fear for the teen years...

Tonight I had one of my best games ever, finishing in second place. Nina won, of course, and poor dad came in dead last. At least no one ended up in the bathroom.

I can't wait until the girls are old enough for a game of Risk!

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