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Monday, March 3, 2014

Busy weekend

On Friday, Nina had a friend over for a playdate straight after school. Then, after dinner, the four of us plus Nina's friend went to the Opera House for open mic night. Such a great time! The whole thing is organized by a BRHS student, and a bunch of the kids sang and played instruments. It was a lot of fun, we'll definitely be back there for the next one.

On Saturday, Nina did some skating at the rink. Maggie got out there, a frigid wind blew, and she was just done. Through with freezing weather, through with skating... can't say I blame her. She and I went to Hannaford while Nina had a blast. At least one of us likes winter.

Saturday night some of the moms got together at China by the Sea, and then church on Sunday. More cold and misery.

Let's check out that forecast for the week:

I had to cut out Friday's forecast because the school server put some kind of questionable content warning all over it, but it's much better. Forty-one! We're almost there! Of course, according to the long-term forecast models that'll be short-lived, and we'll be back in the 20s in no time. Yay.

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