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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This is not today

These pictures were taken sometime in the last 2 weeks, but I can't remember when. Obviously, they're from before it warmed to the 40s and started raining.

Sledding down the snow banks. Look at all that fluffy white stuff!!

Giving up and lying in the snow, waiting for warm death. Maggie's not the winter lover that Nina is.
What a crazy winter we're having. Two weeks ago it was barely above zero and fifteen below overnight. Now for the last four days it's been raining and in the forties. While I prefer the latter given these two options, I really don't mind high 20s and lots of fluffy snow. But seeing as we have about 2 more months left to winter, I'm sure the snow will be back.

I didn't mention that the girls and one of their favorite sitters went to see Frozen (for the third time!) again on Friday. Sophia took them to Brunswick, got them ice cream, and took them to the theater. They had a fantastic time, of course, but were exhausted when they got home at about 10. Maggie fell asleep in Sophia's car, but Nina managed to stay awake. They both conked out as soon as they got into bed though, and neither one stirred until the morning. The next morning I asked Nina if she had a good night's sleep and she said, "Yes! I slept like a bug in a mug!"

Ha! So cute!!

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