about a dream: Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Look at the beautiful sight we woke up to on the first morning of 2014:

There was vapor rising up from the water (because the ocean water, at just 38 degrees, was a full THIRTY degrees warmer than the air!), and it caused frost to form all over the tree branches.

But above that thin layer of vapor was a bright blue sky, and the sun was shining, and the trees were sparkling.

Then when a gentle wind blew, the frost crystals would fall, and they glittered on their way to the ground. It was like waking up in a fairy forest.

Perhaps it was a good omen!

The cold may be painful, but it sure can be beautiful.

Edit: I should add that I took these lovely photos from the safety of the house. No way was I going out in that frigid air! It was bad enough that I locked myself in the entry way letting the dogs out this morning. At least I had my warm robe on, and it only took a few minutes for someone to get out of bed and let me back in!

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