about a dream: The cold continues.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The cold continues.

Brr!! We might have peaked at 0 degrees today (yes, that's Fahrenheit). Now we're somewhere around five below, but at this point, who even cares anymore? There's snow that's supposed to intensify into a blizzard, and school was cancelled today. I'm thinking it'll be cancelled again tomorrow, since the worst is yet to come. We shall see!!

The girls didn't mind extending Christmas break one bit. They both stayed in their pajamas all day--Maggie didn't even wake up until 9:30 in the morning! They played with their American Girl dolls, Nina made a restaurant, and we danced. Not sure where the rest of the day went, but there was very little spent outdoors. Nick and I cleaned the snow and ice off the trampoline after Maggie noticed that it had really built up and was causing the jumping pad to sag, but that was so much work that I was sweating. Note to self: if I'm going to be out in sub zero weather, be sure to engage in hard manual labor. My fingers still froze, as did my butt, but the rest of me was pretty comfy. That's a win in my book!

Yesterday was our New Year's Day party, and it was lovely. Lots of friends, lots of food, lots of kids running around (until we kicked them out!), and lots of catching up. So that's it for the fun parts of January, I'm ready for spring now!

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