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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ghost Train!

Every Halloween, the Railway Village does a ghost train and haunted hayrides, and it is SO MUCH FUN!

Here's Batgirl and Dorothy, all ready to go:
This was the best picture of the 4 I took. I'm sure you can imagine what the other 3 looked like...

 Here's Maggie as batgirl. Notice the batgirl emblem on her chest:

I made it out of black felt. She was sitting next to me while I was looking for a good batgirl emblem online to copy, when I found this:

But right underneath that, was this:

And of course, the flame batgirl was the one she wanted.


But I have to say, I nailed it. $20 says this is going to be Maggie's first tatoo, too.

Regardless, I like it so much I'm going to sew it to one of my t-shirts on November first and it's going to become my favorite t-shirt.

Back to the ghost train; it was a blast. There was also a haunted house in the main station and some fun and treats in the old town hall. Here are the girls (getting a little sleepy) enjoying their hot chocolate and popcorn:

I love that both of their eyes are closed here. They are so my girls!

And finally, poking their heads through a Frankenstein cut-out thingy:

Frankenstein eating popcorn...

What an excited little Frankenstein!

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