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Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday night lights!

Today the girls and I went to a football game with Erik, Isabelle, Chester, Mom, and Dad. Fun! It was actually kind of fun! The girls played with some of their friends and rolled down the hill next to the field for an hour, and I got to chat with my friend Chat. I love to chat with Chat! Ha!

Busy busy busy all the time. Yesterday we had open house at the high school. First we all had dinner, then we ran a fake "day" with 8 minutes for each class, and parents went to all their kids classes. It was nice to meet the parents and give them a quick overview of what their kids are up to during the day. And nice to get a free spaghetti dinner!

Nick took the girls to the Ebb Tide with Erik, Isabelle, and Dad, so it was a win for everyone.

Tomorrow lots of fun on the docket: apple picking, hopefully a pumpkin, and maybe even some pie. Pictures! I'll remember the camera and take pictures!

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