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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Home sick today

Oh well, of all the days to spend inside watching TV and eating banana bread, today's the day. The temperature has hovered right around the freezing mark all day (0 degrees Celsius just sounds so much colder than 32 Fahrenheit), plus it's snowing and windy. Not big, fluffy flakes of snow, but little shards of ice snow. Accumulation appears from the 5th floor to be about an inch.

Nina came home from school on Monday with a sore throat and tummy ache and stayed home on Tuesday. On Wednesday I gave her a claritin in the morning and sent her to school, but the poor kid was sneezing and blowing her nose all afternoon. She had a little temperature at bedtime and the runny nose was worse, so we kept her home again today. She's still got a slight temp (so do I) and sneezing up a storm, but the claritin does help some.

So now she and Maggie are lying on the couch with pillows and blankets watching TV (Maggie seems to be extra tired today too and is probably fighting off the same thing). Well, at least they're watching cartoons in German, so it's educational! Right?

We'll see about tomorrow... I'll give Nina another claritin when she wakes up, and if she's not sneezing all over the place by 8:00 I'll send her (swimming is done at 8:15). Definitely I'll have her skip swimming--call me old fashioned, but I'm worried she might get a chill. Plus you can't blow your nose in a swimming pool, and that's just uncomfortable.

We MUST have everyone at 100% next week! We're so excited for Disney, Paris, and home!!!!!

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