about a dream: Another family movie night

Friday, March 8, 2013

Another family movie night

Tonight it was Bolt, a cartoon about a dog. Very cute.

Not much to report. Drop off has continued to go well for Maggie, though I did color shortly with her today. Then (heartbreaking! Mom you might want to skip this paragraph!), she likes to run out of the classroom while I'm putting my shoes and coat on in the lobby and wave and blow me kisses. Well she said that today when she came out I was already gone and she cried. Poor little Maggie! Tears she specified. Actual tears. But she got over it quickly, cried a second time when something unrelated happened... I can't remember what... but was still all smiles when I picked her up. She painted 5 drawings today, so she was busy.

Nina had another field trip today, that's the second this week (plus they watched a movie and had a storyteller at the classroom on Wednesday). They're doing a unit on fairy tales, have I said that already? What a perfectly fun way to spend her last few weeks here.

Not sure yet what we're going to do tomorrow... Looks like the weather might be iffy, so maybe we'll just hang out around the house and play with ponies.

2 weeks from today we head off to Paris. So excited!!

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