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Monday, March 18, 2013


It's strep for Maggie. Well, probably strep. I asked the doctor if it was definitely strep and he said there's an 80% chance it's strep. There are a few other bacteria that cause similar symptoms and the only way to be really sure is to do a culture, which they're not going to do because it doesn't really matter, these antibiotics will treat it no matter which one it actually is. So, there you go.

She'll have to stay home tomorrow because she only had her first dose this evening, and I'll probably keep Nina home because she's still kind of up and down, maybe 75% better. But definitely the girls will be back on Wednesday, otherwise I'll never get our stuff packed up!

So far Nick is symptom-free, of course. He never gets sick!!! Why, just once, can't it be him instead of me??? So unfair.

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