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Saturday, October 16, 2010

whenever the posting slows down like this, it's one of 2 things

sick or super busy. unfortunately, this week it was sick. nina missed school on thursday and friday because she had a fever. poor kid looked awful on tuesday late morning/early afternoon. but then after some tylenol (fever got up to 102.5 and she was really looking awful so i gave it. i don't like to give tylenol unless her fever is really bothering her, for 2 reasons: i figure the fever might have a purpose, and more importantly, tylenol makes her feel so much better that she stops resting, which i fear could undermine her recovery. but when the fever makes her so uncomfortable that she can't rest well either, i give it). anyway, after tylenol and a nap, she seemed much, much better. but the fever came back, albeit not as high, in the evening and overnight, and she was still in the high 90s/low 100s on friday morning, so it was home again. then the poor girl threw up! but, she got steadily better throughout the day, and this morning was her usual hyperactive self. nice to have the old nina back!

maggie was delighted that nina was home though. she didn't nap either day, and the girls spent a lot of time playing computer games together. maggie can't use the mouse by herself yet (it's not the mouse anyway, it's the finger pad on the laptop), so she was thrilled to have nina do it for her. and i didn't mind, nina needed to rest, so it kept them both happy.

still, there was time for cute. maggie hit her head on the corner of our kitchen counter, and this morning nina made a big red STOP sign for that corner, to protect maggie. so cute!
she also has declared that her name is spelled N-E-E-N-A, and has made a nametag.

now we have to run for a party, so more later!!

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